Perf. Arts Festival




The Performing Arts Department is pleased to announce our 19th Annual Performing Arts Festival here in the Rogers/Evans Performing Arts Center.  We will again be presenting, FREE OF CHARGE, performances by the drama, vocal music, and band sections of the department.  The dates will be OCTOBER 23rd and 25th with performances from 10:30 to 11:30/noon. In previous years we were able to host quite a lot of students and look forward to even more this year. If we get enough of a response, we can even add extra performances.


This is an opportunity to expose your students to the arts and demonstrate what choices they’ll have when they reach high school. According to a report by the College Entrance Examination Board, students in the arts outperform their non-arts peers.  This supports our belief that the arts encourage creative thought, spur the imagination, teach self-discipline, motivation, and promote tolerance and understanding of others. 


Elementary and Middle School Teachers: Please feel free to bring as many students as you want.  Perhaps you might offer this performance as an incentive or reward to students who have special achievements for the quarter.


Please CLICK HERE to reserve your seats.


For more information, please feel free to call the Vocal Music Department office at 760-961-2290 ext. 73411